Experiment 1 = co-lab= Aki Yamaguchi + Yussef Agbo-Ola Concept The movements and transformations in nature are all around us but are many times overlooked because of their distinct speed, colour reactions, acute smells, and quiet tactile changes. In this project we are interested in subtle metamorphosis. We Question – How does our man made materials and architectures react to the natural laws of movement/change through chemical reactions? We are also interested in the relationship of human persecution as a major component of subtle metamorphosis in the experience of an architectural space. What is SPACE? RUST = Reaction MOULD = Growth STEM = Transformation (water=heat) DUST = Accumulation of skin MELT = Heat TEMP= Space WIND = Feel (not natural but man made) (not man made but natural) react/change/emerge =
water / oil as a metaphor of an emergent architectural natural reaction, with the artificial programming of a man-made systems.