Embarking upon the first art + anthropology experiment, Yussef Agbo-Ola travelled throughout Nigeria to study human ecology. This research investigated how humans connect with diverse natural environments. He aimed to visually depict how the value of trade + belief systems differ in the lives of urban city dwellers compared to those inhabiting communities, with a less developed natural landscape. Applying an experimental approach to photographic journalism this archive of his journey is a frozen capsule of Nigerian culture from an artistic + anthropological perspective. It shall serve as both a vista of cultural awareness, and a catalyst for discovery.


Core Research Components = Cultural Values + Architecture as Sacred Art

                                                     -Food Exchange + Indigenous Medicinal Beliefs

                                                     -Ritual Textiles + Egun Egun Dance

                                                     -Ecosystems + Cosmology

human =              cell

 community =          organ

 city =    organism


the species,

the group,

the individual.


Reseach Question = What are boarders in relation to how people interact with each other from a cultural viewpoint?  Part of my research outlines relationships between humans and the micro world but for this competition we researched the impact of market systems and cultural exchange in Lagos,Nigeria. What are the layers of how each system works in regard to the exchange of products , belief systems, and daily communal living rituals? This photo completion hosted by TedxEastEnd in London inspired me to question where the cultural boarders in Nigeria were, and if any, how could they be documented?


Observation = the connection between the environment and culture is experienced through the layers of the mind and perception. Borders exist only in the mind trough the sensations of


Design Formula =  light + contrast + lemons + sound + air + teeth



















"Trade Layers"  won the "Society Beyond Boarders"photo competition in collaboration with TedxEastEnd.


Exhibition = OVAL SPACE London


Each volume will showcase the diverse art + anthropology in different locations around the world, becoming a capsule for cultural exchange, and a way to help build community centres in  areas where educational/economic resources are limited.


 architectural design + local building materials + logistics + community resources.