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 Embarking upon the first art + anthropology experiment, artist and researcher Yussef Agbo-Ola travelled throughout Nigeria to study human ecology. This research investigated how humans connect with diverse natural environments. He aimed to visually depict how the value of trade + belief systems differ in the lives of urban city dwellers compared to those inhabiting communities, with a less developed natural landscape. Applying an experimental approach to photographic journalism this archive of his journey is a frozen capsule of Nigerian culture from an artistic + anthropologic perspective. It shall serve as both a vista of cultural awareness and a catalyst for discovery. Core Research Components = cultural values + architecture scared art + food exchange + indigenous medicinal beliefs human = cell community = organ city = organism
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 Each volume will showcase the diverse art + anthropology in different locations around the world, becoming a capsule for cultural exchange, and a way to help build community centres in areas where educational/economic resources are limited. Your purchase keeps giving as a cultural exchange component by becoming the building blocks and financial backing needed for each community project. For every volume sold 20% percent of the profit is donated to wi-have creative to assist with all cost related to architectural design + local building materials + logistics + community resources.