RIP - Hectic 2016

Combined Medicinal Tablet

Cucumber + Celery

Carrot + Coconut

Parsnip + Pear

Apple + Apricot


Design Phase 1

Medicinal Exchange through Organic Chemistry   =


Design Phase 2

Digestion Exchange through Eating  =

Design Phase 3

Energy Exchange Through Running =



Conceptual Framework = This collaboration aimed to question the ways in which medicine can become an art form for a Welsh thoroughbred house that suffered from laminitis, colic, and poor internal digestion due to age, and inflammation. Hectic’s hoof inflammation was at a critical point at the time of this research residency as a result of metabolic inactivity, and acute stress levels within the horse. Colic, a common digestive issue in horses that intensifies neck, and abdominal pain triggered systems of malnutrition within the horses physique. During his life as a race horse, and the wear and tear of training, Hectic’s body was in a state of rehabilitation, and metabolic stress caused by a parasitic digestive track in which created problems with processing the nutrients from his everyday intake of food. Being that his immune system had weakened with age the parasites affect on this internal system was multiplied causing lower energy levels in the horse as well as increased inflammation. How can the cause of disease inspire new forms of communication between species, and art as a form of medical intervention across species? Upon arrival to the farm we questioned these relationships, and aimed to work with Hectic directly over the research period. This process started with walks, and conversations with the horse, and ended in a series of interventions that acted to aid the digestive, and inflammation issues through the consumption of an intense diet, and acts of metabolic performances. Over the research period  five different digestive formulas were created as large tablets that infused live probiotics, yeast, vitamins, and minerals that would help re-stabilize normal digestive functions. Each tablet was designed to strengthening the hindgut, and colon while stimulating blood circulation with flaxseed, omega 3s, and essential fatty acids. To compete this research the performative act of daily anaerobic performance for Hectic aimed to stimulate his digestive tract on an extended layer of metabolic relations, through energy transmutation within the metabolic system of the runner.


Design Formula = Omega 3 + Flaxseed Paste + Hydration + Parasitic Reduction + Anaerobic Performance