Speculative Design = Emergency Hand Cast
Hand Cast Prototype Pattern Pieces
Organ Species 1 SKIN: Flat surface with ‘inverted’ triangular opening for vein structure to emerge through. May be cut into any shape, not just hexagonal. Inverted triangles may be cut in any place dependent on transformed VEIN. BONE: Hard or soft structure links the SKIN and VEIN together. This map depicts the bone structure in 2D, in actuality, converging vectors are configured at different heights in space. VEIN: Alternating triangles connected from base corners to tip. Triangles float above skin, connections float below skin. Transformable by, extending or contracting lengthwise. Experimental medical skin attachment prototype was a project that combined the fields of art, design, material science and herbal medicine. Our goal was to design a prototype that would be made from local materials in the developing world after a natural disaster to treat burn wounds. Using a cellulose based skin we created many layers of protection from the elements infections. This research and design process can also be applied to architectural structures.
co-lab= Destiny Burndridge + Yussef Agbo-Ola
 layered Vein I I I = layered Skin layered Vein I I I
 SKIN; fabric; protection Any Shape can be cut into this endless pattern. The pattern creates flexibility to the size and shape of what it will contain.  VIEN; mesh; connection Whole triangular shapes poke through slits in the skin. Triangular shapes can also contain pockets for sensors;nerves.  BONE; support; structure Length wise linear system links together skin and vein and creates supportive structure could be made from wire, rope, or bamboo.


I I I All components linked together ----------=Vein ---------=Bone ---------=Skin
 The singular component makes the whole. It is patterned to create flexibility and stretch and creates a hexagonal pattern.
component = c1
component = c2
 The singular component makes the whole. It is patterned to create flexibility and stretch and creates a triangular pattern. I I I I I I I I I I I I
detail top view  I I I I = l l l l l l l l -Apply the cellulose basked skin directly on the skin with warm water. As the warm water is applied the medicine activates into the pours of the skin. +Relives Pain and promotes healing of burns and skin +Quells pain from ulcer irritation calendula root + flower formula I I I Medicated cellulose skin layer - under-skin Layer mixed with the natural healing elements in the local environment in collaboration with local shaman. -aloe vera extract + ginger formula - all components connected biomedical hand burn emergency prototype