Conceptual Framework = Soils are the foundations of organic life, and serve the purpose of Earth’s stomach. When you hold a hand full of soil the connections of its complex mineral content, and populations of life make up almost the same number as the human population on Earth. This fact shows the importance of soils micro ecological systems, and the role they play on keeping the balance of larger ecosystems. Essential minerals in organic matter rest in the soils architectural structure while over eight billion bacterial cells are found to make up the forest rhizosphere. This sphere acts as he micro framework for the network of electric signals that send between plant, and soil to insure healthy collective plant growth. How can the acidity, or toxicity of soil distort plant growth? When soils are acidic they produce acidic plants low in iron, and other minerals. Some plants thrive off soil acidity but have adapted over millions of years to finding nutrients from other environmental elements. In this collection of material experiments we looked at creating an archive of soils that would highlight the diversity in there mineral properties, colour, and texture. Each artefact is made with soil containing different mineral content and pigment from an array of habitats and environments.



Design Formula = Soil Samples + Plant Skin + Acid Base + Blue Silica + Coconut Oil