Larsen’s Lost Water curated by: Edwina Fitzpatrick, Wimbledon Space London
Larsen’s Lost Water coincided with the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris (see ArtCOP21). The exhibition focused on the ways that the relatively uncharted parts of the globe – the Polar Regions and the seas – are (mis)represented, through exploring context and how introducing an alien or unexpected object into a space affects both components’ readings. The exhibition plays with the dislocated object as cliché, metaphor and metonymy in relation to climate change.  It featured work by: Edwina Fitzpatrick, Lucy Orta, Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey, Tania Kovats, Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir and Mark Wilson, and the Raftonauts – Yussef Agbo-Ola, Tim Alexander, Michael Crossan, Susan Walker and Szu-Chieh Yun. movement sketches =
component details  The purpose of the device was to extract oxygen from algae to facilitate breathing. Projects like this help show society "how biology works with our systems." As a result "our consciousness of them will be heightened."