Design Team = Wi Creative

The term experimental journalism reflects  upon the role of photography, and  film,  around themes of environmentalism, and multi-perspectivism. The intersection of these themes are composed through digital visual mediums, and visual experiments that work as perceptual equations for the viewer, while aiming to recontextualize the complex system of relationships embedded within the physical environment using imagination, creative direction, and artistic speculation. Through the act of filming, and  documenting, this methodology aims to show the relationships between human, non-human, and other than human beings within a given location though visual narratives of performance. Each editorial aims to transport the viewer into epistemological tensions, systems of representation,  and present new ways of seeing. They question how we experience, and look at physiological memory, and the importance of collective imagination around themes of extinction, and existential phenomena.



Creative Direction + Concept = Yussef Agbo-Ola


Design Formula = Garment Design + Art Direction + Palm Acid Film + Extinction