Materials = Plaster, Bamboo, Red Rope, Aloe Vera Plant, Stone, Stoneware Clay, Wax, Graphite Size varies based on installation. Dopamine Air Mediation Researching how visual perception and human experience effects mental psychology was the foundation of this installation titled Dopamine Air Meditation. Using eight materials has to do with the universal number that represents infinity. The number eight helped to inspire the natural flow of the piece by creating an even duality when using the red rope to divide the bottom half of the work into two sections. There are four white plaster casts in one direction and a ceramic tile that has four corners in the other direction. The two sums of four represent the two poles of Earth (North and South Poles) that spiral to produce natural energy. The bas-relief carvings on the tile reflect this polar theory. The number of cast and corners on the ground equal eight. When the two poles on the ground meet at the centre they give birth to a sense of unity at eye level. This is represented by three plaster moles craved in the shape of human bones, woven together by the red rope. The number three can also be related to an equilateral triangle. When there is unity a natural reaction of healing occurs, that is represented by the Aloe Vera plant. Scientifically Aloe has been proven to heal open wounds, burns, and help with digestion. This healing process leads to oneness or wholeness, which is resented by the single bamboo pole pointing to the cosmos.