ARTWORKS  =  Material[12] Archive 63xi  = Olaniyi Studio experiments with environmental art, architecture, law, and anthropological belief systems that relate to environmental perceptual awareness. This collection of artefacts is the embodiment of the molecular + material + mental ecologies within a diverse range of natural environments. Soils are the foundations of organic life, and serve the purpose of Earth’s stomach. When you hold a hand full of soil, the connections of its complex mineral content almost equates to the same number as the human population on Earth. This fact shows the importance of soils micro ecological systems, and the role they play in keeping the balance within larger ecosystems. Essential minerals in organic matter rest in the soils architectural structure while over eight billion bacterial organisms are found to make up a forest rhizosphere. This sphere acts as the micro framework for the network of electric signals that transmit between plant roots, and soil to insure healthy collective plant growth. In this collection of material experiments Yussef Agbo-Ola used organic material science to create an archive of plant based architectural soil skins that highlight the diversity of mineral properties, colour, and texture. This edition of experimentation took place in diverse, and extreme natural environments using H2O, plant extracts, and medicinal dyes, among other natural elements. These materials were locally sourced, and act as a catalyst for connecting cultures, and sensory exchanges through material architectural alchemy.


Conceptual Framework = Material Science + Natural Fibres as Environmental Memory

Design Components = Plant Skin + Mica + River H2O + Dart Frog Saliva + Bone Ash

Design Formula = Soil Samples + Plant Skin + Acid Base + Blue Silica + Coconut Oil