Design Formula = How can architecture transcend spatial comforts, and act as a spatial network of experimental environmental experiences. This pavilion aims to question experiential space by positioning the public in three different environmental that make up the internal space of the pavilion. Olaniyi Studio has always been interested in the power of geometric juxtapositions, and how material pallets can harmonise an architectural experience though the a careful positioning of there qualities. The original concept for the work begun by looking at the photo-receptive characteristics of the cones, and rods embedded in the retina of eyes. They both have vital functions when it comes to both light, and colour perception that is vital in architectural design, experience, and perception. The function of the rods allow for scotopic vision in decreased light while the cones focus, and respond to increased light allowing for the absorption of colour spectroscopic wavelengths to respond to reflection, and colour negation. If an architectural apparatus could work within these properties of the eye how would that affect the experience of the viewer based on the lighting,and reflection of the pavilion. On one end, the interior, and external skin is designed specifically for increased rod functionality by creating a lowlight highly refractive environment in black. This black colour serves two functions as it absorbs UV light in the day which also creating shadowed light motifs on the grounds as the sun shines though its porous skin. On the opposite side of the pavilion is an egg white knitted skin, which allows increased stimulation of the cones in perceiving colour of the experiential, and internal environment. The designed balancing of these two perceptual dichotomies allows the pavilion to be experienced in a way where negative and positive space become, positive and negative space in both the optical, and physical environment.


Design Components =  Knitted Exterior Skin + Bone Components + Retina Anatomy + Lighting Design


Architectural Scale = Biennale Pavilion, Museum Experimental Space + Nomadic Pavilion