Conceptual Framework = Organisms have adapted to their environments over millions of years to create a vast range of subspecies, characteristics, and appearances that help them survive, and thrive in there natural habitats. The mission in this collection is to encourage awareness of the adaptive qualities, and responses organisms have adapted to in relation to the new environments created by environmental issues. The reality of climate change, air pollution, ecosystem degradation, and the melting of the ice caps has provided new adaptive parameters that organisms are forced to adapt to, evolve with, or suffer from. This research archives  these anatomic, epidermal, cardiovascular, and changes in their internal systems by creating a dialogue between, visual arts, and speculative biology. Many times  microscopic organisms are the first to evolve to environmental stresses, and their visibility plays a key role in trying to understand how larger organisms, and plants will change as well as  becoming a catalyst for the importance of living a more environmentally aware life. Beyond there scientific importance, they are beautiful as micro geometries, and forms. Many of them adapt to maintain an environments alkaline, or acidic chemistry though oxygen creation, decomposing toxins, and producing food for larger organisms. Artists an designers have always had a fascination with creating new relations between what we see, and don’t see using imagination to stimulate ideas that inform our perception of reality. What would these future organisms look like, and what new bones, systems, and skins would have to evolve for them to thrive in the future? Are there unseen species encapsulated in the ice caps that are melting in Antarctica, if so what do they look like, and what are their biological functions? Here we have designed a series of speculative organisms that have adapted to have functions that are essential to there survival in a changing climate as a design approach to raising awareness about the intricacies of the ecosystems we are connected to and live within.


Design Components = Micro-anatomy + Functional Biology + Frozen Skin + Speculative Biomimicry


Design Function = Environmental Awareness + Museum AR Installations + Pedagogical Design




SPECIES = Jelmarrpura[990io]


BONE = Cluster Keratin Cartilage


SKIN FUNCTION = UV Reflective Blood Vessels




CELLS FUNCTIONS = Tertiary Fusion with Alkaline H2O


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Energy conversion from Plankton +  Sea Grass Intake




SPECIES = Miceraopara[82io]


BONE = Regenerative Gelatin Flex Cartilage


SKIN FUNCTION = Salt Binding Dermis layer for Adaptation to Saline H2O.


LUNG FUNCTION = Oxygen + Nitrogen Intake


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Binary Fission


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Produces Energy from Cyanobacteria


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Converts Aerosol Particles into Salt Crystals


SPECIES NAME = Funtriatonorus[12io]


BONE = Styliod Dyenein Crossbridge


SKIN FUNCTION = Tectonic Sensitive Veins


LUNG FUNCTION = Transform Nitrogen into Oxygen


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Create Thermal Reactive Proteins


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Feeds on Acidic Leaves + Roots




SPECIES NAME = Toxsorbisilarous[68io]


BONE = Sponge Marrow + Mastoid Spinal Cluster


SKIN FUNCTION = Silica Adhesive Apocrine Glands


LUNG FUNCTION = Dual Respiratory Metabolisms


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Covet UV Waves into Brown Chloroplast


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Excretion of Silica Minerals for Soil Nutrients


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Absorb Air Bound Toxic Gases


SPECIES NAME = Zinphocatia[871io]


BONE = Pours Mica Cartilage


SKIN FUNCTION = Absorbs H2O + Contaminated Dust Particles


LUNG FUNCTION = Inhate Hydrogen Sulfide + Exhale Helium.


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Lymphocytic Factualization Metabolism


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Feeds on Xenobiotic Acid


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Excements Zinc + Magnesium in Soils


SPECIES NAME = Mafitranspatia[27831io]


BONE = Red Pneumatic Macro Clusters


SKIN FUNCTION = Transparent Skin


LUNG FUNCTION = Avian Filter System


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Transform internal Music into Skin Nares


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Carnivorous + Algal Infusion


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Maintains Species Diversity


SPECIES NAME = Tunoclanogentius[43io]


BONE = Osteoblastic Silica Mineral Catalogue


SKIN FUNCTION = Melanocytic Pigmented Reflective Pours


LUNG FUNCTION = Turns Nitrogen into Hydrogen


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Circulate Waste into Nocturnal Pupils.


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Pink Berry Intake


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Balances Spring H2O ph Levels


SPECIES NAME = Nucomplastius[99421io]


BONE = Pours Keratin Cluster


SKIN FUNCTION = Gelatine Chloroplast Storage


LUNG FUNCTION = Co2 Inhination


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Eosinophilic Nuclei Storage


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Omnivore + Decomposer


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Decreases Thermal Radiation on Plant Species



SPECIES = Clorolumidulara[49io]


BONE = Porous Crystal Choroplast


SKIN FUNCTION = Receptive Blue Bioluminescent  Medulla




CELLS FUNCTIONS = Chlorine Plasmacytes


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Decomposed Organic Matter Intake


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Oceanic Colour Intensifier with Sodium Intake


SPECIES NAME = Meriaglutextirous[892io]


BONE = Microtubule Carbonic Membrane


SKIN FUNCTION = Coverts UV light into Glucogenic Acid


LUNG FUNCTION = Argon Receptive Inhalation


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Multiply Hydrolysis Reaction for Defence Poison


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Molecular Toxins Energy Absorption


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Transforms Methane into Oxygen



SPECIES NAME = Bagenlicpurifatia[31io]


BONE = Gelatinous Silica Cartilage


SKIN FUNCTION = Thermo-resposive  Camouflage


LUNG FUNCTION = Inhale Oxygen + Exhale Nitrogen


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Create Basophils Rehibilitation Enzymes


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Digest Soil Arsenic Contaminates





SPECIES NAME = Cilemuarinetius[524io]


BONE = Chondrocytic Tissues


SKIN FUNCTION = Photo-Reactive to Electromagnetic Vibrations


LUNG FUNCTION = Carbonic Gas into Helium


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Multiply Circulation for Mineral Decomposition


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Eclectic Chloroplast Herbivores


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Excretes Minerals in River H2O


SPECIES = Aticulosmetgara[61io]


BONE = Volcanic Metallic Cartilage


SKIN FUNCTION = Cytoplasmic Photosensitive Camouflage


LUNG FUNCTION = Marine Sulphuric Gas


CELLS FUNCTIONS =  Nucleus Replication 12 x 38 Hours


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Feeds on UV Shadows + Moon Light


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Arctic H2o Desalination


SPECIES NAME = Rosesorironinrous[6621io]


BONE = Micro-tubular Iron Membrane Appendages


SKIN FUNCTION = Elastin Enzyme Extrusive Glands


LUNG FUNCTION = Filters Gilles for Resovior H2O


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Coronin Circulating ATP


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Break Down Polymeric Contamination Crystals


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Lubricates Root Rhizomes


SPECIES NAME = Cicrticatamactia[7411io]


BONE = Acidic Spongy Marrow


SKIN FUNCTION = Chromatophoric Blood Circulation


LUNG FUNCTION = Tracheatic Nitrogen Inhalation




DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Crystallise Nutrient Electrolytes


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Turns Carbon Dioxide into Hydrogen


SPECIES NAME = Diamaloxphatius[9333io]


BONE = Pours Sulphate


SKIN FUNCTION = Traps Carbonic Air inside Dermis Layer


LUNG FUNCTION = Methane Inhale + Carbon Dioxide Exhale


CELLS FUNCTIONS = Thermal  Diamond Erythrocytes


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM = Metabolises Inorganic Soil Chemicals


ENVIRONMENTAL FUNCTION = Ingest Acidic Dust  for Alkaline Soil Excretion









ENVIRONMENT   =   3.1600° S, 60.0300° W





ENVIRONMENT   =   35.0391° N, 0.2909° E





ENVIRONMENT   =   23.4162° N, 25.6628° E





ENVIRONMENT   =   23.4999° S, -68.2499° W