Concept = Food as medicine + Local Anthropology + Hydroponics Research


Lauren Von Der Pool, founder and CEO of Von Der Pool Gourmet, Inc. is a celebrity chef that specialises in vegan, and raw food cuisine. Von Der Pool Gourmet’s mission is to raise the consciousness of humanity through food artistry, and ignitable flavour profiles in vegan, and raw food cuisine. Olaniyi Studio shares a common goal of creating a healthy lifestyle while using experimental digestive art to show that what you eat impacts your mind, body, spirit, and also the planet we live on. On this research expedition our goal was to explore the local ways in which agriculture was produced, and what medicinal plants were used in the local markets. We were concerned about how the use of local hydroponics would evolve over time in relation to the growth of the already established market economy managed by local farmers.


As the world population expands, and sea levels rise there are a selection of small islands like Nevis that will have to adapt there agricultural systems as agricultural land recedes. How can hydroponics work as an additive solution for local farmers? The  challenge is how to produce more food while using less land. Hydroponic systems feed plants mineral nutrient solutions dissolved in water allowing the plant to grow without soil. Each plant root system is supported using peat moss. We researched the future of this technology in Nevis while documenting local flora, and speculating  about how an architectural apparatus could expand this new form of farming, before creating an array of food experiments that capsulize the expedition through taste.


Vegan Chef + Author: Lauren Von Der Pool


Creative Direction + Photography + Architecture: Yussef Agbo-Ola




jack fruit + cayenne

 black rice + red - green tomatoes + cayenne + pumpkin seed

wild berries + peach

papaya + mint + cinnamon

satsumas + kale + red onion

purple squash + seaweed + red onion + turmeric

plantain + red onion

himalayan sea salt brick + charantia + purple kale

local watermelon

local  lime

Local Agricultural Centre