Design Research = Indonesia has a vast range of indigenous bamboo species that play a huge role in the future of architectural building culture in the local region. These bamboo species thrive based on the local climate, and environmental conditions in which create a surplus of material resources for products, and building components. In the western region species like Bambusa, and Gigantochloa have wider diameters that could be used for architectural building while lower river based species with soft plant tissue could be used for utensils. The possibilities of bamboo innovation are currently being researched by Olaniyi Studio, and based on research expeditions, and material science experimentation we are speculating on experimental design capabilities of the plant. Bamboo is the fastest growing structural grass currently known to man which makes its planting, and use turn around time very efficient. Also with its growth speed, bamboo functions to maintain water quality for local inhabitants. Structurally bamboo has deep root systems that help to hold other plants in the soil while absorbing access water in the soil to prevent erosion, and landslides in tropical mountainous regions like Indonesia. When a circular economic model is implemented in a specific region using bamboo as the resource producer, villagers could benefit from economic development, and a shift to welfare increase. After research expeditions to some of the islands we saw the need for architectural speculations that would act as community research centres. These would work as achieves for local builders to share there local building knowledge with other places around the world that also have a surplus of bamboo. This research centre aims to use bamboo as an aesthetic, structural, and knowledge exchange component in the exploration of potential uses of the plant in Indonesia.



Design Components = Bambu Embong + Genus Schizostachyum + Pring Ori + Bambu Cendani


Architectural Scale = Material Achieve Research Centre + Community School + Capacity Building Centre