Design Question = What is the future of interior design, and how can this act as a tool to create imagined spaces of living walls, breathing windows, and decaying furniture? We live in a complex system of energy exchanges within our home, and public spaces that call to action new design problems, and experiences that can affect the way we see those exchanges, and the world. What does it mean to have dinner with a plant, when you eat, you also water the plant living in your table? What does it mean to have your house walls changing colours based on the microbiome  that has found a home in your living room? What if your guest could see the interior microbiota they were entering in when they pass the threshold of your home, and how would this change our relationships, and the way we do gatherings? The fact is that all scales of existence play a role in our daily lives, and microbial cohabitation is a necessary reality. The other fact is that the question of this invisibility  happens to be a design problem yet ambition that fuels our interior futures design research. We think that by designing for the unseen in a real, and metaphoric way can produce spaces that create  new programs of relations, and experiences beyond the realms of everyday living spaces. We have designed a serious of propositions through living wall skins, living furniture, and indoor landscape architecture that aim to bring these realities into shared public interior, and private spaces.



Interior Scale = Museum Walls, Home Furniture, Gallery Interior Exhibitions, Living Facade Murals


Interior Function = Co2 Wall Absorption, Living Tables, Thermal Responsive Walls, Hydro Reaction Walls