Yuca or cassava is a herbaceous root that produces a high volume of excess glucose, and possibilities of heart disease when it is consumed in large quantises. It is more of an elemental binder than a food that is to be excessively consumed by the human digestive system. The affect of high yuca diets produces the same affects of gluttonous plastics in the the digestive trace which produces symptoms for heart disease. The chemical elements that are held within its internal molecular structure make it a perfect additive to the creation of bio-plastics, and material science field of experimentation. With this in mind Olaniyi Studio has an ongoing design research project around how agricultural waste, recycled rubbers, and root extracts can create new footwear experimentation using root plants with high volumes of glucose. In this series we used yuca , lemon, and ginger to create a multi-layered component based entropic shoe that will decay as they are worn, while providing medicinal properties to the foot of the wearer. This process would happen when heat is  accumulated in the shoe; the inner cassava based skin would melt over time releasing the medical extracts from the sole’s skin into the foot of the wearer. In addition the ginger, and lemon extracts work to reduce foot orders, and skin issues. The collection of footwear will evolve based on the the properties of the roots we use in the future, and will act to establish multiple uses for plants that cause health issues when consumed in appetitic monomania.


Design Components =  Knitted External Skin + Cassava Internal Skin / Base

Design Formula = Lemon Skin Extract + Dried Lemon C6H12O6 + Ginger Root Skin + Cyanobacteria Pigment