The valley nurtured by the unseen relations, textures and geometries of the molecular world shape and carry the beauty in which we experience the world around us. It is through a deep introspection as an architect and artist that I have learned to look beyond the the everyday human perspective and connection to scale in search if an unseen elegance found in infinitesimal architecture. This collection of photographs looks at the geometric diversity, atmospheric compositions, and structural complexities found in a microscope world of matter, liquid, blood, mucus and gas. Using a glass slide as a living and environmental responsive apparatus this collection composed these elements into visual architectural soliloquies that depict an architectural beauty that is invisible to the normal humans optical perspective. Many times these architectural worlds are given the same beauty in which we give to mountains and flowers by micro-organisms. It is in these worlds and landscapes that they live and thrive in, as well as use their own biological and anatomical perspectives to navigate. How might these compositions change our relations to other species and bring to light the intricacies of the unseen and as a result inspire architects and artist to rethink the scales in which their work can be create for or be inspired by? Micro-organisms, and molecular matter all have different surface textures that can inspire architectural, and sculptural objects. When we use haptic ways of perceiving these textures and artefacts we can create experiences with them that can affect human perceptions in relation to environmental empathy, beauty, and scale. This can be referred as a component  philosophy of molecular emptiness within design research, and creation. While taking this into account this experimental  photographic essay aims to exhibit this phenomena and unveil the environmental importance and aesthetic  ambiguities sequestered within infinitesimal architecture.


Collection Details : “Infinitesimal Architecture Archive 9xi” [-Mag:8.73nm] Palm Acid Crystal C-Print ,Y.Agbo-Ola, 2022