ENTROPIC DESIGN "KAJOLA" FOOTWEAR SERIES = Plant skin is an internal structural element which is essential for all plant life to thrive. It is through this element that plants have diversified their shape, form, structural and reactive properties that make them unique. Its an elemental botanical binder than supports plants internal functions, immune system, and protection from externalities. The chemical elements that are held within its internal molecular structure make it a perfect additive to the creation of plant based materials with skin like properties. When embed with material science field research additives, these materials react as if they were still plant skin in a living form, yet have new molecular properties of tension based on the natural additives that control their decay rate along with environmental fluctuations. With this in mind Olaniyi Studio has an ongoing design research project around how agricultural waste, natural fibres, and root extracts can create living footwear using plant skin. Agbo-Ola’s design aim was to create a multi-layered component based series of entropic shoes that will decay as they are worn, while providing medicinal properties to the foot of the wearer as well as have reactive exchanges with the environment. This process would happen when heat is accumulated in the shoe; the inner plant based skin would melt or react over time releasing the medicinal extracts from the sole’s skin into the foot of the wearer. The collection of footwear will evolve based on the properties of the roots  that are used in the future, and will act to establish multiple uses for plant skins and roots. “Our goal is to experiment and fabricate a higher trajectory of exposure for  applications of re-use, re-cycle, and re-connection with natural yet entropic systems of production. [KAJOLA 2021 Y.Agbo-Ola]


Design Components = External Plant Skin + Cassava Internal Skin + Soil

Design Formula = Aloe Skin Extract + H2O + Burdock Root Skin + Cyanobacteria Pigment