Conceptual Framework = Located at the base of the spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three spinal vertebrae, is the root energy centre within human anatomy, and is a metaphor for a sense of security on Earth. Its metaphoric colour is represented in an array of red to burgundy hues that indicate vitality, blood movement, and birth among others. In Sanskrit Muladhara is a combination of two words which mean,   Mula  = “root” and Adhara  = “foundation”. Plants also have this same anatomic metaphor in there physical anatomy. The “root” of the plant is at the base of the stem, and penetrates downwards into the “foundation” of soils on Earth. Both the base of the spine, and the base of plants are storage points of energy for the organism to use as it grows. Also in plants this is the territorial boundary between underground ecologies, and overground ecologies which are connected, but have two different chemical environments. How does the root, and the foundation communicate, and through which means do these signals transform energy into growth? Being the light exposing element in many flowers the integral function of pedicels is to make sure the right amount of sun, and wind are exposed to the flower while making sure to position them in an attractive manner for pollinating insects. This movement coupled with sepals, which are small leaves that form the outer bud of a flower near the upper stem insure that the developing flower dose not dry out, are both examples of how that based energy is transformed. As a metaphor for human, and plant growth tensions, the chemical element radon silently becomes present as a colourless, odourless, tasteless noble gas in which has the potential to freeze the Muladhara while the plants work to absorb it. This collection of art work explores the relationships between plant, human, and hydrocarbonic gasses that have the potential to affect healthy growth now, and in future generations.


Design Components = Japanese  Silica Clay + Black Iron Clay +  Raw Bees Wax

                                       Canvas + Red Alumina + Walnut Oil + Raw Pigment