Research Components = Gruidae Caudal Aspect Anatomy + Homo Malleus Lateral Bone

Community spaces, and works of art in them have the potential to act as bridges between public, and private space in urban, and rural environments that we all use away from home. They can act as connecting agents between species, and environmental systems that are constantly in flux. This series of public art works aims to look into the internal anatomy of both human, and non human  bone structures as a way of showing the poetic similarities that each species has. This idea of the internal environment connecting with the external public space fosters spaces of exchange, and meeting places for both species. The speculative bone design provides both hidden spaces for private one to one communication as well as more porous spaces from larger groups to gather, exchange ideas, rest, and contemplate their place within a wider environmental framework.



Design Components = Black Iron Clay + Bird Seed


Architectural Scale =  Community Pavilion + Public Sculpture + Space