This exhibition uses visual imagery to question the process of inner transformation though researching epistemological belief systems cross-culturally. The act of looking within ones own mental ecology, and connecting what is seen to the outward environment has been the inspiration for an array of methods that try to question the art of living. How does one transform reality through time without causing external tensions for others, and the environment? Is this possible through the creation of art, or artefacts of creative order? Many times the dogmatic routine of method, and ritual can either stimulate or negate this process of transformation by habitual dilution, or illusion. As an anthropological research design hypothesis we question whether dilution, illusion, transformation, and rebirth are all one in the same, which means one has no hierarchical value over the other, and are essential layers of action in the process of becoming. Each photograph is a representation of this process, and ask the viewer to reflect on their current state within the wider collective process of becoming by witnessing the posture, and looking though the eyes of others that are a reflection of ones owns journey.




Design Components = Palm Acid Film + Sri Lankan Textiles + Eye Anatomy  + Pupil Voice