social architecture + art + community engagement

Architectural Association

 location = Port -A- Prince, Haiti + Murmalaude, Haiti
components + cultural dna + social engagement = "Kay =Flote Ansanm" co-lab = Yussef Agbo-Ola + Anthoula Tsagkataki + Jean Widny Lordeus Concept = Urban Modular Digestion, Top-Down Growth, Security, Market Natural materials + parametric code with local materials and weather patterns embedded in an environmental stimulation algorithm. Computation as component to be merged with local building traditions and the materials systems available in that given environment as a the basis for creating spaces that can become alive with cultural use, and economic or family growth. + Adapt to culture celebrations and evolve as the research or connections/networks made in the space begin to grow. Natural Coded Systems <--> Local Building Systems/Material