Human posture is a one of most important aspects of stimulating creativity, and internal confront when working, and resting. There is a vast number of people that work every day in a sitting position that has detrimental affects on the sacrum, and lower spinal vertebrates. These bones keep the body in balance as they connect the lower half of the body to the upper organs. When these are damaged not only does this cause kyphosis, but it also weakens the internal nerve connections from the lower spine to the brain. When posture is correct the signals from these nerves have clear passage, and stimulate creatively, and better blood circulation. Often times dorsalgia is induced in the form of numbness, and sharp pains after long durations in poor spinal poster. The design formula here aims to use design as a tool of spinal restructuring, or repair based on the current state of the users spine. How can design be used as a medicinal device as well as a form of beauty? The process of form finding the correct shape of the chair was designed to provide support for the spinal cord, and supraspinous ligament by enhancing support for the (r/l) ilium bones, and (r/l) longissimus thoracis muscles so the spline can rest comfortably between them. The overall design formula, and prototype was short-listed for the Lexus Design Completion Tokyo, Japan.



Design Formula = Algorithmic Modelling + Spinal Anatomy + Supraspinous Ligaments



internal skin

external bone

anatomic design