Movement is an essential aspect of human life. How do we move from place to place, and what are the ways in which that movement is accompanied with aesthetic value based on the apparatus in which we travel in are all questions that formed the foundation of this design research. Each vehicle has it own societal value, social status, and overall all psychological affect on the community that observes the vehicle, and the driver. Can the design of a vehicle’s form, and materials contribute to the drivers awareness of the rate in which movement is obtained while being a catalyst for a new environmental perspective in relation to automotive material usage. Organic shapes in comparison to  more geometric forms both have an affect on the speed in which the driver travels. This design experiment aims to create a form that aesthetically, and technically works with wind pressure to produce a smooth transition of the vehicle between wind currents while providing an optimal viewing apparatus for environmental observation while in pursuit.



Design Components = Black Iron Clay + Basalt Silica

Design Year = 2052