Artefact = TUR[12] x KER[C3]  + CaCO₃




Design Formula =  Calcium carbonate CaCO₃ + Titanium Dust Ti22 +  Crushed Keratin

Marine life anatomy works within the cycles of nature, and often times produces by-products of an organisms life that has flexible structural properties like calcium carbonate in oyster shells, and fibrous protein keratin in turtle shells. Both of these additives degrade when micro organisms decomposed their molecular structure for food overtime. Recycled keratin is a by product of turtle shell protein that has the strength to be modelled, and shaped into an array of degradable eye-wear in the future. The mixture of keratin, and calcium carbonate with a natural binder allows for the strength of the mixture to adapt to different uses. By adding this structural formula with recycled titanium dust, and salt forming bonds of carbide the colour of the mixture acts as a reflective substrate for design application. This design experiment formulates how organic, and inorganic waste can form new materials for design exploration while thinking of ways in which new materials can be formed using abandon crustaceans protective habitats as its elemental foundation.



Design Function = Eye Protection: UV light Reflection + Absorption + Water Resistant




Artefact DNA = Ti22-O12 x [Du] + CaCO₃

Artefact DNA = Fe44[io]  x TUR[12]  + CaCO₃